How It Works

The 10-Steps Starter Guide provides concise instruction on how to use this online platform.

1 | Select the ASEAN Member State

The first step is to choose the ASEAN member state that you want to view the RE Guideline. To select the country, please click on the map or the list of ASEAN member states on the left..

2 | Select the RE Technology

When you select the country, a pop-up window will appear. It shows the general information of that country. The guidelines on specific RE technology that are available in that country are listed under the “Sector Energy”. To access the guideline, please click on the RE technology that you want to view.

3 | Front page of the Guideline

You will be landed on the front page of the guideline. Here, a general overview of the project development will be explained (i.e. legal frameworks, support mechanisms, current situations etc.) The overall Gantt’s chart and flow chart are also shown.

  • To see the details of each step, click any step on the Gantt’s chart or flow chart (3A)
  • To download the electronic guidebook (“E-Guidebook”), click on the red buttons (3B).
  • To switch between the flow chart view and the Gantt’s chart view, click the tab above the diagram (3C)

4 & 5 | Step's Page

When you click on any step on the Gantt’s chart or flow chart, you will be directed to the Step’s page. Please note that the Step’s page is similar to the Guideline’s front page except that the details of step will be shown in the lower part of the screen. On this page:

  • You may jump between each step by clicking on the Gantt’s chart/flow chart in the upper part of the page (4)
  • The details of that step will then be shown on the lower part of the page (5)

6 | Check the Step's Information

On the step page, the information of the selected step will be provided on the lower part of the page. The information are organized into groups and displayed as tabs. Each step usually consists of three tabs: (i) step description, (ii) list of related laws and regulations, and (iii) challenges and recommended solutions.

You can switch the displayed information by simply clicking the tab that you want to view (6).

7 | Check the Step's Gantt's Chart / Flow Chart

On the middle part of the page, you will find the Gantt’s chart or flow chart of the current step. These chart illustrate sub-step.

  • You can click on the Gantt’s chart of flow chart to access the sub-step’s page (7A)
  • Similarly to the step’s page, you can switch between the Gantt’s chart view and flow chart view by clicking the tabs above the diagram. (7B)

8 & 9 | Sub-step's Page

The Sub-step’s page shows the details of each sub-step. The page consists of two parts: (i) the upper part shows the Gantt’s chart/flow chart of that step, (ii) lower part shows the details of each sub-step.

10 | Check the Sub-step's Information

Similar to the step’s page, the sub-step’s information are organized into groups and represented as tabs. You can click on any tab to views the respective information.